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Did you know at thE Concierge, We organize businesses too!

We spent last month talking about getting ready for school, organizing the house and going farther back, during the summer months we even talked about meal prep and planning. Now it’s October and the kids are actually back at school so it must be time to breathe a big sigh of relief! Or is it?

We overheard someone recently share that they’ve always thought of fall as feeling almost like the start of a new year – a fresh opportunity to get into a routine, establish some order and structure and to revisit projects that were delayed over the summer months.

It got us thinking.

If you feel similarly you actually might NOT be breathing a sigh of relief right now but rather, worrying about all those projects at work that now need to get done.

No worries – we can help your organize your business just as effectively and efficiently as we help folks organize their homes!

Corporate Concierge Services for any sized business.

We offer both “membership based” and “by the hour” services depending entirely upon your budget and needs so that you can book as much, or as little, time as necessary.

Finding balance for businesses might mean different things to different types of business but here are just a few or the ways we can help:

  • Hiring a concierge to come in and help organize files physically or hiring a concierge as your virtual assistant to deal with some of your online organizational tasks.

  • Research, planning and booking travel services for you and/or your team for corporate travel or arranging offsite corporate training, hotel room bookings, restaurant reservations and more – whether local or at a destination location. This may even include transportation services to and from venues.

  • Planning for corporate events or business anniversary celebrations. Sourcing and procuring memorial gifts, organizing catering and meeting the dietary restrictions of all attendees, arranging for print materials, décor and more.

  • Specific or annual conference and retreat planning from all of the daily activities to the menu, location, rooms and special events or excursions that all will enjoy.

  • Conducting special projects and/or research toward contributing toward those special projects – in other words, doing all of the research and legwork you might not really have the time to do.

  • General office and administrative support – you name it, chances are we can help you do it!

  • Organizing celebratory events, employee recognition programs and/or special days like birthdays, holidays or industry specific dates/events.

  • Arranging mass mail outs for specific businesses – think Realtor flyers, or packaging and delivering items for courier services or promotional mail outs/ flyer and delivery services for home service agencies, water delivery specialists, cleaning services or just about anything else you can think of.

  • Finally – some people even use our PERSONAL concierge services to help BUSINESS owners succeed by gifting a busy business owner some personal concierge time for things like doing groceries, running errands or meal planning. How does that help a business? It’s pretty simple really. By freeing up time in your personal life you’ll have more time to devote to your business creating a win-win situation personally and professionally!

If you thought thE Concierge was just about the personal, think again.

If the return to school DIDN’T give you more time,

but rather, more projects to focus on instead – thE Concierge can help.

For professional or personal use –

we’re in the business of helping YOU find balance, whether that’s at work OR at home!

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