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Experience Peace This Holiday Season

We are entering in to a time of year that for many is beautiful but also busy, sometimes too busy! The holiday season can be a stressful one for many families and these past two years have only contributed to the sense of stress that may arise with concerns of Covid still lingering, along with the return of the demands of school and work. These are just some of the reasons why thE Concierge invites you to think about what the holidays really mean to you and your family, and if peace – a sense of calm and being able to enjoy in the pleasures of the season and not the panic – we can help.

Thankful for True Peace

Before we share more about experiencing peace during this holiday season, we would be remiss if we didn’t also take a moment to thank all those who have gone before us. During the many conflicts that have shaped our world, so many fought for our peace, not just now but for a lasting peace in a world free of war. With Remembrance Day just two days away, we invite you to pause at the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day of November to give thanks for those that paid the ultimate price for the peaceful country we live in today.

The Return of “Normalcy?”

The team at thE Concierge believes that life is slowly returning back to “normal.” That’s a good (and sometimes not so good!) thing. If normal means you’re already panicking about the holiday season and stressing about gift buying, tree decorating and party planning we have some advice and some help available. Consider these tips for experiencing peace this holiday season:

The Gift of Experiences!

After close to two years of staying at home, many folks are looking for experiences, even if those experiences don’t take them too far away. Consider a gift that gives your family member a true break, not more clutter to crowd the home they might be desperate to escape! These might include:

  • Movie tickets

  • Dinner out or

  • Offering to babysit children so a young couple can enjoy a long overdue date night

  • Even better, you might consider the gift of services like those offered by thE Concierge!

We are currently offering Holiday Cheer Packages that can be used BEFORE or AFTER the holiday season – whatever works best for either your own or your loved ones busy lives. A HOLIDAY CHEER PACKAGE includes three (3) hours of Concierge time devoted to whatever you need and is the perfect gift for a busy parent, an older family member who is still reluctant to spend time in stores, or even for small business owners looking to thank their clients and customers for their support during these past two years.

Here’s how a Holiday Cheer Package Works:

You pre-purchase three (3) hours of Concierge time (on sale now until December 15th) and the lucky recipient and/or if you are buying for yourself, tells us what to do! We can:

  • Do Holiday Gift and/or Grocery Shopping

  • Gift Wrapping

  • Provide business and corporate custom gift and wrapping services

  • Put up your tree, decorate your home or

  • Take down the tree and pack everything away!

  • Party planning, Home or Business Decorating and Prep for the holidays and more

If you are already starting to dread the onslaught on the holiday season take a deep breath, pause and then consider calling thE Concierge.

We have much to be grateful for despite these past two years. We have veterans to thank for their service, we have front line heroes to thank for helping to keep us all safe and healthy during these pandemic times and our loved ones to thank for helping to support us in the myriad of ways that they do.

Consider showing those loved ones your gratitude with a true gift of peace – the peace of mind that comes from having a little extra help from thE Concierge this holiday season!


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