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Let thE Concierge Help You Throw a Stress-Free Summer Celebration

If you’re considering throwing a summer celebration this season,

contacting thE Concierge should be your first call. Our team is experienced in party and event planning, and will make sure your summer event is stress-free and goes off without a hitch. From conception to execution, a party planner can provide invaluable services to ensure your special day runs smoothly.

Why hire a professional?

Event planning takes a lot of time, research and energy.

There’s a lot you need to think about and decide on.

At the same time, you also want to enjoy the event instead of running around

taking care of everything and getting stressed out.

Don’t spend your limited and precious time doing tedious things like checking reviews on the internet or calling around to find a band.

Let thE Concierge take that burden off your back so you can focus on what’s really important – having fun!

We can assist you in organizing all of the

important details of your event, including:

● Calling around to get quotations for food, bar, entertainment and more

● Checking reviews and recommendations of caterers and waitstaff

● Contacting and booking photographers

● Booking musicians and live music

● Finding suitable event venues

● Choosing decorations or theme

● Planning a menu that also caters for with allergies or dietary considerations

● Printing and sending out invitations

● Tracking a guest list and finalizing numbers

● Sourcing equipment like microphones or AV screens

● Booking rooms for out of town guests

● Taking care of set up and tear down on the event day

As you can see, it’s a long list of decisions to make!

And it can be overwhelming to do all of this by yourself.

If you’re planning an event, we will work with you to ensure everything goes smoothly

so that you can spend your time actually enjoying the event and

having fun with the people you have invited.

Who wants to be exhausted or stressed out at a party?

Outsourcing the party planning to thE Concierge means you have a dedicated assistant who will help you pull off the party of your dreams

without having to go through the nightmare of doing all

the planning, booking and sourcing yourself.

Summer is short – make the most of your time by hiring the right people to get the job done the way you want it done!

Contact our team today at 416-434-1717 to discuss your event plans.

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