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Summertime and the living is easy!

It’s an old song and a bit before my time but the slow, lilting style of this George Gershwin classic makes me think that summer is meant to be a time of slowing down, taking some time for ourselves and for taking it easy.

With the weather in June warming up almost instantly to hot, hot, hot – we here at thE Concierge have started thinking about how to keep, cool, cool, cool and how to slow down and make the most of this beautiful time of year.

Cooking outdoors, meal planning and nutrition are easy ways to manage stress, save time and get organized – all things thE Concierge are also experts at! If you’re looking to make your summertime living easy – read on for nutrition and planning tips, and how to put thE Concierge to work this summer, so you won’t have to!

Summertime is the perfect time to eat healthy. There is such an abundance of seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables, farmers markets to enjoy and a wide variety of delicious and nutritious salads that are more like a meal than a side dish. While we love the idea of promoting families enjoying some downtime together and hitting the open air markets, with Covid and work schedules this can prove challenging. Luckily, your local grocer and even some of the big box retailers also stock plenty of locally grown produce.

By engaging in some meal planning ahead of time, then placing a grocery order with us, we’ll do the shopping and deliver and stock your pantry too. There are even apps you might consider or use the services of thE Concierge – yes we help with getting the pantry organized and meal planning along with the grocery shopping!

In other words, we’ll do whatever it takes to introduce “easy” into your summertime.

Tips and Tools for Managing Healthy Eating in the Summertime

  • Meal planning is key. A half hour of focussed time on the weekend can result in an entire week of delicious meals, pre-planned and ready to go. No more staring at the fridge door wondering what to make for dinner, you’ll already know!

  • Outsource the shopping. In addition to knowing what you’re going to eat, avoid the hassle and line-ups of shopping for food. Let thE Concierge do it for you and deliver it right to your door.

  • Meal Planning helps to avoid waste. A little bit of advance planning means less food wastage, particularly perishable items that get pushed to the back of the crisper drawer and forgotten about.

  • Planning saves money. If you’re planning meals, you’ll only buy what you need for that week and you can even use this as an opportunity to shop the sales. Ultimately, a small investment of time results in a larger investment in savings!

  • Buying just what you need and nothing more also helps to prevent unintended snacking. The truth is, snacking is a hidden stress coping mechanism we are all guilty of on occasion and that in turn can lead to unhealthy eating. As an added bonus, if thE Concierge is doing the shopping, you’ll never be tempted by the chip aisle at the grocery store!

  • Apps like “Plan to Eat” and “Mealime Meal Plans and Recipes” allow you to build and customize your grocery list. They have easy, simple recipes and it’s simple to then outsource your list to us so we can shop for you.

  • Meal planning also helps families avoid the temptation to order out on a whim, often the result of being pressed for time, not having taken out food to defrost or being stumped about what to cook for dinner. Take out is almost always an unhealthier option than dining in! Once in awhile is ok but meal planning helps limit the temptation.

I referenced stress earlier. The last thing you want in the summertime is stress. This is the time of year you want to relax a little bit and with these pandemic times it is harder and harder to find ways to unwind. Stress (and the pandemic) doesn’t just impact our buying, or eating, decisions. It can also impact how much we imbibe in the summertime. The hot weather, working from home, and limited opportunities can make drinking tempting. On the flip side, the more relaxed and casual vibe of summer can also be tempting.

There’s something to be said about a cool beverage after cutting the grass or cleaning out the shed and a white wine spritzer with dinner on a warm evening outside is lovely. That’s ok once in awhile of course, and if you are eating healthy most of the time, a little treat now and again (whether alcoholic or dessert) is A-OK. If you need us to - we can even add a stop at the LCBO to our services if you choose.

In addition to meal planning, errands or grocery shopping, why not consider having thE Concierge arrange for lawn care services, birthday party planning or getting that garage or shed cleaned out FOR you.

There will be more time to relax, fire up the grill and enjoy some downtime with the family in the summertime – when the living is easy!

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