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Why Your Home Should Be A Part Of Your Vacation Plans!

It’s finally summer! Lazy, hazy days are ahead. Swimming might be on your agenda or you’re just waiting for the chance to say “All aboard” for boating adventures.

Maybe you’re packing up the RV and hitting the road for a cross-country camping trip or heading to the continent for a tour of Europe’s most famous cities. Whatever your summer plans are, we’re pretty certain you’ve forgotten to plan for the one thing you’ll need when you get home – your HOME! When planning for a vacation it’s almost a given that something will be forgotten. In most scenarios, whatever that item is, you can pick it up along the way or at your destination. What you can’t do is pick up the pieces quite so easily if something happens to your home while you are away.

That’s why you should always make your home a part of your vacation plans. Here’s why?

  • Chances are you have laboured long and hard this spring to foster green grass and beautiful flowerpots. You don’t want that effort to go to waste! Hire a concierge service to water your plants, maintain your flowerpots and weed the gardens.

  • Let’s not forget about the grass either. If you don’t have an inground sprinkler systems – it’ll need watering and yes, you can hire a concierge like our team at thE Concierge to do just that!

  • Got a pool? Anything can happen from a frog in the skimmer to leaves in the pool or worse. If your chemicals get out of balance you might be returning to green water and a whole lot of work. You need someone who can come by regularly, check on your property and pool (including the PH balance!) and maintain everything in good working order for your return.

  • Speaking of check ups – thE Concierge does complete home “check – ins” while you are away. We’ll look after things indoors and outdoors, ensure no fires, floods or infestations of biblical proportions have taken place, that the timer lights are working and your fridge hasn’t died leaving food to spoil and smell.

  • Outdoors, in addition to grounds and pool maintenance we can arrange for lawns to be cut, trees trimmed or use your time away as the perfect opportunity to have a deck stained or built. With thE Concierge onsite to grant access and ensure the work is done right, you’ll be coming home to a beautifully maintained property that looks brand new – because some of it actually will be!

  • Another thing you might not have thought about is coming home tired, hungry and to an empty fridge and cupboards! We’re pretty sure you’re familiar with the word “hangry?” Nothing says “hangry” like hungry children after a long road trip or a late night arrival off the plane from Europe. Use our services to make sure your home is fully stocked with all of your favourites for your return. We even do meal prep and meal planning so we can have your first night’s dinner ready too!

  • We’ll even take care of the little things like newspapers and flyers building up around the property making it look like your home is vacant. Nothing says “C’mon in and take what you want” like a front porch that’s more full than a paper recycling bin.

Other Tips For Travellers Some of these might seem obvious but here are a few friendly reminders for folks travelling out of town for a few weeks or the summer:

  1. Don’t post to social media while you are away! Save the “brag blogs” for once you’re back at home.

  2. Maybe you already thought of that first tip but did you remind your kids? Make sure everyone in the house is following the same rules and also, not posting any actual dates that you are gone.

  3. Notify newspaper subscriptions and/or your mail carrier to help reduce the potential for paper build up on the porch. Even if we are checking regularly, stopping your services helps too.

  4. Don’t hide your cars in the garage. Leave a vehicle outside so it always looks like someone is home.

  5. Leave the outside lights on…it’s “an ounce of prevention!”

  6. If you have an alarm system make sure activating it is the last thing you do as you depart.

  7. Set your air conditioner a little higher – so the house is cool (not hot, musty and sticky) when you return but not so cold you’re paying extra to cool nothing but the furniture!

  8. Unplug small appliances like toasters, kettles and coffee makers to reduce fire risk.

  9. Use a service like thE Concierge to come and water indoor plants and flowers because they are just as important as the outside ones!

  10. Hide your valuables and/or any excess cash in a very unpredictable place. Just be sure YOU remember where that is!

  11. Sensor lights are a great deterrent – for thieves and animals too!

  12. Never stash your key on the property. You name it, someone has already thought of looking there for it. It’s just never a good idea – there is no safe place to stash a home key.

Now that we’ve given you something to think about, we hope you realize the importance of planning for your home’s care, even while you are away from home. If you’d like to learn more about what a service like ours can do for you, reach out to thE Concierge today. Plan for more than just your holiday – plan for your return to a safe, stocked and welcoming home!

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