We are here to help during these uncertain times, when going out to run errands may be a cause for concern,

Please call us to take these tasks off your hands

and off your mind!

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What is a

personal concierge?

A Personal Concierge is an assistant for those with a full schedule.  Busy people want things done but don’t have time to do them. Personal Concierges provide busy people with balance. Basically a lifestyle manager who can assist with every day tasks, allowing clients to more time to enjoy the things they value the most


Is your to-do list longer than your want-to list?

Do you need another "you", a personal assistant?

Do you need more hours in the day?

Does your business need assistance?

Have you missed an important occasion because you were BUSY?

Feel completely comfortable handing it over!

We can chat about a solution for you at a free consultation.

The word “concierge” evolves from the French comte des cierges, the “keeper of the candler”,  a term that referred to the servant who attended to the whims of visiting noblemen at medieval castles.   Eventually, the name “concierge” came to stand for keeper of the keys at public buildings, especially hotels.



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