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A Giving Heart Package

February brings with it themes of love

and family. That’s because this shortest month of the year is also the one that contains two special days, Valentine’s Day and Family Day. It is perhaps a time when you feel bombarded with messages of pink hearts and flowers or happy pictures of families skating or skiing in the snow. Meanwhile, you might be feeling overwhelmed with your list of things “to do” and feeling the pressure of a shorter than usual, cold and to some, inhospitable month! What’s a busy person actually “to do” about this? Solve the problem in a practical way by showing your partner some real love, not just paper pink hearts and flowers! At thE Concierge, we are about so much more than simply running errands. We are experts at managing time. Time management is a common complaint for many busy families who are juggling work, school, activities, fitness goals and so much more. Trying to fit in the grocery shopping, a doctor’s appointment or even a haircut – never mind a date night for Valentine’s or a fun day spent skiing or tobogganing with the family – likely just seems impossible. That’s where we come in. By spending just a little bit of time with us, we can save you a lot of time in the future, freeing up actual time to spend with your significant other and loved ones. After all, at the end of the day – we all do what we do for the benefit of our family and gaining more TIME with them. Just in time for Valentine’s Day we’re offering the “A Giving Heart” package consisting of ten hours (TEN WHOLE HOURS!) of “ME” time. What would you do with 10 hours of time all to yourself? "A Giving Heart" package means you don’t have to take a day off work to wait for the repairperson to show up for your broken washing machine, or take the dirty clothes to the Laundromat. A full ten hours means you won’t be spending Saturday morning doing chores or grocery shopping and maybe you can get that haircut instead. While you are out, ten hours of Concierge time means you could come home to a completely reorganized kitchen or a spreadsheet completed for you on available summer camp choices for your kids including costs, dates, times and locations and all you have to do is talk it over with the kids and make your choice rather than spending all that time researching. The variety of services we offer to both families and businesses is limited only by your imagination. Ask us what we can do for you and there’s a pretty good chance we can make it happen! By the way, when we talk about families and significant others, we know that means many different things to different people. Perhaps your best gal pal is in need of some support right now and you know that freeing up some of her time from the daily task list will allow her some much needed “alone” time and alone might just be the best kind of love gift she needs right now. Perhaps your adult kids have recently moved into their first new place and they need a bit of help getting organized and settled. A gift of time from thE Concierge might be just what they need to get set up for success – plus we all know that “kids” are better at taking advice from anyone other than their parents! In short, our families and loved ones come in all shapes and sizes as do the services provided by our team at thE Concierge! No matter who you love, the universal theme of wanting to spend quality time together is what motivates us to do what we do – freeing up time so you can enjoy it with family. Spend Valentine’s Day or Family Day, heck spend BOTH days, doing what you love with who you love and let our team do the “to do’s.”

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