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Thinking Ahead for the Holidays

Halloween is over, snow’s on its way,

and the shops have already put out their Holiday goods.

It’s official – the countdown to the holidays has begun!

Christmas might be the most wonderful time of the year, but it can be stressful too.

There’s so much to do and not a lot of time! Presents, dinners, cookie exchanges, office parties, shopping, decorating, cleaning and prepping…

you almost wish you had a bunch of little elves to do your bidding!

Elves don’t exist, but Concierges do.

Our job is to take the stress out of the holiday season so you can simply relax and have fun.

Here are 10 jobs that you can outsource to thE Concierge this Holilday season:

  • Shopping for presents: You make the list, we’ll check it twice and get what you need!

  • Wrapping gifts: Yup, we’ll even buy paper and wrap them up with a bow on top

  • Holiday cards: Let us buy, write and send out your holiday greetings

  • Party prepping: Need a frozen turkey or two? Let’s get your pantry stocked

  • Hanging up decor: Bring out the boxes and let us decorate!

  • Photoshoots: We can book a photographer to get that perfect family portrait

  • Christmas trees: No time to visit the tree farm this year? We’ll bring it to you

  • Booking venues: Now’s the time to book that office party or get together

  • Sending out invitations: Book your dates well in advance so everyone can make it

  • Declutter: Pack up unneeded stuff and we’ll donate it for you

Any other jobs that you have on your list, we can take those on too!

Now’s the time to start thinking ahead about what needs to be done,

and delegating those tasks to a team that is here to make your life easier.

Contact us to find out how thE Concierge can lighten your load this holiday season.

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