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Back To School - How is it going?

This time last year chances are you had a great deal of anxiety about the return to school. We talked about it in our September 2020 blog with hints about what to expect at school, adjusting to the new normal and wearing a mask – all in addition to the usual Back to School issues like making lunches and navigating homework routines. We’d love to say that so much has changed since this time last year but if we’re honest, I’m not so sure it has. It’s that time of year parents and we are wondering if you’re finding it “the most wonderful time of year” ? Establishing New Routines & How We Can Help! While there may still be some uncertainty about what a return to school looks like, as parents you can support your children best by getting into a regular routine. It may not look like what you’ve done in the past but helping children transition from summer to school has always been a challenge so now is as good a time as any to establish new routines. Bedtime Start with a regular bedtime, especially for the younger kids. Sleep hygiene is important and creating calming rituals around bedtime will help your child transition from day to night. How can thE Concierge help? The last place your child needs to be at 8pm on a school night is at the grocery store. They’re tired, they’ll see snacks you don’t want them eating before bed and you still have to get home, pack it all away and make lunches. Give yourself a break and let us do the shopping. Mornings We’re all familiar with the saying, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” and that means we should put some time and effort into it.

  • Set the table for a proper breakfast in the morning and wake the kids early enough to allow for some family time around the table – even if it’s just 10 or 15 minutes.

  • If you’ve made a batch of pancakes on the weekend, make extra and freeze them for your own at home version of toaster pancakes.

  • Spend additional time on the weekends making muffins or egg bakes that can serve as quick but nutritious breakfasts for everyone and, even if you’re running a bit late they’ll make a good “grab and go” breakfast on the run.

  • How we can help? We free up working weekends by doing the work for you. Weekends are precious and so is family time.

Let thE Concierge team do your errands, run to Costco or pick up that birthday gift for cousin Jane. Now that people are having weddings again, we can do the registry shopping OR if you’re the one getting married – talk to us about how we can support you! (That’s probably a blog for another day!) Don’t spend your valuable downtime doing the “To Do” list, let us do it for you so you can bake with the kids! After School / Homework Whether you are still working from home or now venturing out to the office, this time of day can be fraught with anxiety. The kids are hungry, you’re stressed from a full day at the office or on zoom, and you still have to get dinner ready! Add in the additional work of helping your child with homework and you might have a recipe for disaster. What’s our recipe for helping you through this time of day? Once again we recommend you establish some routine. Chances are, after the year we’ve had, this has already been done in your home but if not – DO IT NOW, or hire us to come help get you organized! Create a dedicated learning space where learning is the only thing that happens - even the smallest of spaces will do as long as your child(ren) associates that space with schoolwork. As much as possible, ensure the space is away from bedrooms or the kitchen table so that schoolwork is not carrying any unpleasant feelings into spaces where your child feels safe. At thE Concierge one of our specialities is helping busy families declutter and get organized. If you need space and don’t have enough time to create it, we can help. Dinner Here’s yet another opportunity to get the kids involved. More routine creates more time together – if it’s done thoughtfully. As we shared last September at this time, “attitude is everything” so set the right tone and the kids will follow along.

  • Start with meal planning on the weekends and let the kids voice their opinion. Get them engaged and involved from the outset and they’ll each have a favourite meal to look forward to through the week.

  • Be encouraging of the younger ones and set them simple tasks like setting the table. Don’t worry if it’s not perfect!

  • Older kids can help with chopping the vegetables or peeling the potatoes or if you’re not a fan of “too many cooks in the kitchen,” put them on dishwasher detail after the meal with simple rules like no TV or gaming devices until the job is done.

  • Be positive in the encouragement or in “gently guiding” them to do the right thing! How can we help? Any way you slice it, we exist because of busy families like yours and our desire to help them. Whether working inside or outside of the home – a new school year always throws a wrench into the best-laid plans. We can help you get organized, declutter, with your meal planning, grocery shopping and party planning – in short – thE Concierge can DO your TO DO list, so you can focus on family. We exist, to give families the gift of time. We hope you enjoyed this “episode” of “A Day in the Life of Busy Parents!”

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