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Businesses Need Love Too!

February for many folks is when our thoughts turn to love and family, driven of course by the two separate days in the month dedicated to those themes. However, if the past two and half (or more!) years have shown us anything, it’s that businesses could sure use some love too! Just about everyone has felt the impact of the pandemic but perhaps no one more so than the many small business owners who have had to shutter their doors and windows more often than anyone else in order to help ease the spread of Covid. Now it’s time for us to show them some love and support and talk about how these same businesses can also show love and support for one another. How Do I “Love” Thee? Let me Count The Ways – The “Business Edition:”

  1. If you are a community member, write a glowing review of the businesses you frequent. We all know the value of social media these days – use it to do some good and spread the love – be a friend and boost a business!

  2. If you have had a less than stellar experience at a local business consider these two possibilities: the owner (or staff) are struggling and have been for many months, perhaps you caught them on a bad day and the benefit of the doubt goes a long way and is always considerate OR consider reaching out to them privately via email or direct message to share your experience as a learning opportunity for them. Sometime, given the chance to correct a poor customer service experience many a small business is happy to make the situation right. Before slamming their reputation online, give them a chance to change your opinion!

  3. Consider a partnership with another local business, something that will provide a mutual boost to your businesses and offer something of value to the community. Here at thE Concierge for example, we often team up with Donoto Décor to offer our clients and customers special promotions and packages OR simply to send out a special little “pick me up” to our friends and followers. Share the cost of a postal mail out and you might both reap the rewards.

  4. Act as a referral partner for other small business in your community and/or join your local Chamber of Commerce or Downtown Business Improvement Association. These are excellent networking resources dedicated to making the town or city you live in better but also, dedicated to the mutual support of other small business owners just like you. As an example, at thE Concierge, we are proud members of, and support, the Dufferin Women in Business. Who can you join forces with in your community?

  5. Perhaps you are a business owner and you know how hard this pandemic has been on your employees. If you are in a position to do so, show these hardworking team members a little love. We offer a number of ways that might help you show your staff just how much you appreciate their efforts including: sourcing and shopping for appropriate gifts and/or tokens of your appreciation; sourcing, drafting and handwriting personalized cards of thanks, arranging a small after hours thank you celebration that honours their hard work or you might consider giving them the gift of “time” – an hour of personalized Concierge time they can use.

  6. Opportunities are only limited by your imagination! Many are budget-friendly because we know times have been tough but we also know, there’s no better time than February to show how much you value and appreciate your staff, your fellow business community members AND your friends and family. Whatever the reason you want to say “thank you,” “I appreciate you,” or even “I love what you do” chances are thE Concierge can help. If we can’t, follow our suggestions and find another local small business who can! It’s February – let’s all show some love to one another! Reach out to and see how we might be able to help each other!

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