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Fall Maintenance Part Two, Get Indoors!

Earlier this month we spent some time exploring the kind of fall maintenance any homeowner should consider doing at this time of year OUTSIDE their home.

Now, as the weather starts to cool off even more and the nights get darker earlier and earlier, it’s time to take your fall maintenance INDOORS.

Well, mostly indoors anyway and if not indoors - inside.

Yes I’m just having some fun with you dear readers….

stay with us and we’ll get to the point soon enough!

Curtains and Blinds

Let’s start where we finished off last blog where if you recall, we talked about beautiful, clean and clear windows letting in the winter sun and no blinds on the windows to block out what little sun we DO get to see in winter.

If you’ve gone to all of the trouble of cleaning the outside of the windows - it’s now time to get busy inside! This will likely require a little more effort but we think it will be worth it. What do we mean?

Well - if you’re cleaning the windows you need easy access to the surface so you might as well take down the blinds and/or curtains too! You can clean off the curtain rods from what’s likely (let’s be honest) at least a season’s worth of dust and wash the curtains while you are at it. Winter tends to find us drawing the curtains closed earlier in the evening anyway so make sure you have clean ones to look at. Same goes for blinds; it can be a taxing job but if you do them fully once or twice a year (eg. spring and fall) chances are you can get away with just using a blind dusting brush throughout the summer or winter months.


Now that all the windows, curtains and blinds are clean, they might be allowing the sunshine to expose your dirty carpets!

Fall is an ideal time for carpet cleaning because the temperatures often still climb high enough during the day to facilitate drying time - while it is also cool enough to do the heavy labour of shampooing.

If you don’t want to do it yourself, hire someone or hire thE Concierge to organize and complete this and other similar tasks.

Area rugs can be cleaned and still hung outside to dry and if you have pets - again, they can probably comfortably wait outdoors while you complete the cleaning whereas in winter - that’s just not a good idea.

Detailing Time x Two - Give the Bathroom a Blitz

This time of year is also a good time to give your tile and grout some love and attention. No one wants to spend extra time in the bathroom on a beautiful summer day but unless you love skiing, what’s more luxurious than putting in a little hard time - cleaning that is - and then enjoying a lovely, long hot shower or bath.

Sure you keep the bathroom clean on the daily or perhaps have a service helping you but sometimes a little extra elbow grease is needed to really get at the grout between those tiles. Plan for some fall maintenance in the bathroom so you can enjoy long, hot soaks all winter long.

Detailing Time x Two - Give Your Car a Clean

Remember earlier we talked about doing all kinds of indoor cleaning but that some of it might be outside? Here’s what we were referring to.

No doubt your car has been well used all summer long. Adventures, picnics, camping, beach visits - your car has seen a lot of action and chances are it has accumulated a lot of crumbs, sand and spilled coffee.

Winter can be harsh enough on a vehicle from the outside, what with all that snow and salt, (some of which will make its way into the car) so give your carpets and car a fighting chance with a thorough clean first before the snow flies.

While you are at it, fall is the ideal time to change out your summer tires for winter ones, arrange for some vehicle maintenance like an oil change and tire rotation and make sure everything is in great working order before the snow first falls.


Finally, fall is of course also a time when you should go through the closets. Get your labeled boxes ready; one for garbage, one for Goodwill or a similar charity of your choosing and perhaps one that goes to younger siblings or cousins - or your local women's shelter.

Go through your children’s (and your own) summer clothes and ditch or donate whatever won’t fit them next year. While you pull out the fall and winter clothes, have the kids nearby and do the double-check - what fits, what have they grown out of and make sure you include shoes, boots and winter coats in the exercise.

Before you know it you will have three things: a well-organized closet, clothes that fit the kids and are ready for the cooler weather and clothing that is still in good repair already in a box ready to be sealed shut and dropped off at a charitable location you support.

That’s it for fall maintenance 2022 style.

You’ve covered the outdoors and now the indoors - you’ve earned some rest!

Take some time off in October to go and do some exploring, taking in the beauty of all that nature has to offer. Our area offers a bevy of beautiful locations to take in the fall colours and with no work left to do inside or outside, you have no excuse but to get out and enjoy!

If you find yourself falling behind in the chores or just don’t want to do them,

give thE Concierge a call.

We provide a variety of concierge services to busy families like yours, giving you back time - and balance - in your busy life!

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