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Gift of Time

The Perfect Gift

What would you do if someone gave you the gift of time?

At one time or another, we’ve all struggled with finding the “perfect” gift for that special someone. But what is the perfect gift? Striving to find something that expresses a person’s unique qualities, what makes them special to you or how valued they are is a challenge. What if I told you that I already know the perfect gift; a “one-size fits all” gift absolutely anyone could use and about which so much has been written? What if I told you that you could give this gift to others or to yourself? I’m talking about the gift of time. What would you do if someone gave you the gift of time? Spend it with family or friends, exercise, or possibly treat yourself to a spa day? We could all use a little more time and at thE Concierge, that’s what we provide – the gift of time.

Mastering the gift of time allows you to get more done and put more energy (and time!) towards doing the things you WANT to do, not the things you HAVE to do. According to the ancient Greek philosopher Theophrastus, “Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.” Spending it wisely therefore, seems prudent and simply put, that means investing in yourself by outsourcing the types of tasks that take you away from living your best life. Whether you’re busy with work, juggling parenting, caring for elderly parents or travel frequently for business, whatever it is that leaves you with less time for you – WE can help. Delegating work is likely something you are familiar with on the job so why aren’t you doing it at home too? Particularly in these “COVID times” when every little task takes longer due to line-ups and social distancing, delegating that Costco trip to your own personal shopping concierge service just makes good sense. At thE Concierge we give people the most perfect gift of all and how you use choose to use that gift is entirely up to you!

Outsource your life. We offer a range of services for busy people who simply need more hours in the day. We can’t go to work for you but we can work for you while you’re at work, freeing up your downtime, ensuring it really is downtime! Personal shopping, gift buying, wrapping and delivery, event planning, running errands, booking services and even waiting for the repair person to provide that much needed air conditioning repair (2020 has been one HOT summer!) are all services you can delegate to us. Think of thE Concierge as you would a hotel concierge – you need something done, you call the Concierge and voila. It’s all part of making the most of your stay at a great hotel. thE Concierge can make living your life just as easy. Hire a professional to do the tasks you don’t want to and give the gift of time. At the end of the day, there’s no refund on time and there is no replacement for time well spent. Spend time how you WANT to, not on what you HAVE to. What would you do with the gift of time? Ask thE Concierge how we can help.

Outsource your Life!

Affordable Concierge Services that help restore a work-life balance!

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