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How Do We Help Thee? Let Us Count The Ways. 75 Of Them To Be Exact!

No doubt, at some point in your travels (pre-pandemic of course) you required the services of a hotel Concierge. Perhaps it was something as simple as directions; making a reservation for dining out in a foreign city, or you needed a problem resolved that required a little bit more ingenuity, like having a prescription filled because of a forgotten pill bottle still sitting on the countertop at home.

A Concierge, to use a sporting term, is someone who “comes through in the clutch.” They are the individuals who help you – in whatever way it is you need to be helped! A Personal Concierge is no different! How do we help thee? Let me count the ways because I can think of at least 75 opportunities to be of service to you, your family or your small business.

At thE Concierge, we come through in the clutch, helping restore balance to busy lives.

The reality for many of the people and families I work with is there simply isn’t enough time to do everything that needs to be done. Even with many of us working from home, the challenge of getting out to complete a task as simple as grocery shopping requires careful planning. You don’t really want to take young children, you need a mask, your hand sanitizer, the aisles are all “one way” and the one thing you forgot is at the other end of the store meaning now you need to navigate those directional arrows backwards! Talk about time-consuming. When you get home you’ll have to cook dinner and clean up too.

We can help. Now more than ever, outsourcing your grocery list to someone like a personal concierge just makes good sense. We free up time, allowing you to focus on doing what you really love.

Here is just a partial list of the many ways a personal concierge can support making your life easier. We really do have a list of “75 Ways to use a Personal Concierge,” but in this newsletter perhaps I’ll just highlight some of our more popular options. At any time however, I welcome a phone call, text or email to talk about your specific concerns and how we might be of help to you.

Personal Services including Bookings, Errands and Shopping:

  • We’ll manage bookings with tradespeople AND coordinate being there while service is done so you don’t have to.

  • We run errands of every description. We’ll pick up and drop off your dry cleaning, take your library books back, arrange for your jewellery or watch repair and even provide local delivery of flowers or gift baskets! By the way – we’ll shop for and wrap those gifts too!

  • Wedding or Baby Shower Registry. We’ll visit the stores on your list and get you registered and ready to receive gifts. Heck we’ll even pick up the invitations, address the envelopes and take them to the post office for you.

  • When it comes to shopping, we’ve got you covered with everything from grocery shopping, LCBO pick up, bulk items and/or lining up and shopping at Costco for you. We also do gift shopping and holiday shopping. One of our most popular services, particularly after the holiday seasons – we’ll help with the biggest time waster of all - returning items to the store for you!

Home Management and Home Care Services:

  • A personal concierge is a wise investment when it comes to managing time. Why take a day off work, lose income or miss an important meeting when you don’t have to? We take care of a variety of home-related services including:

  • House Cleaning, Windows or Carpets – whatever cleaning needs to be done.

  • Home Check In while you travel for business or pleasure – ensuring the heat is on, eliminating the risk of frozen pipes, accepting deliveries in your absence, picking up the mail and/or checking for theft, damage, leaks and any other potential issues. We’ll even water the plants for you!

Real Estate, Business Services:

  • Thinking of a move? We can research the area you are considering re-locating to, register the kids for school, find out where to shop, dine and how to register your kids for sports and music lessons. We can arrange packing and unpacking, decluttering your home in the meantime and helping you to make your new place feel like home.

  • When it comes to small business owners, we know you have a thousand things on your mind at any given time and that means it can be hard to remember the extras like when it’s time to order the staff gifts for a job well done or to celebrate a work anniversary. We can organize, file, arrange concierge services for out of town visitors, shop for office supplies or deliver breakfast to your team as a thank you for their hard work!

  • We excel at event planning so if you’ve reached an important milestone of being in business – let us help plan the party! (Even if it might not be able to happen just yet.)

I’m not sure we’ve quite reached 75 ways we can help yet but I am sure you get the idea. A Personal Concierge does what you need to get done. It’s that simple. No question is too unusual, you can purchase by the task or by the hour and we also offer package rates.

Life is busy, sometimes complex and always demanding. It can seem overwhelming.

That’s where we come in. Let us help restore some balance to your life by doing those tasks you least like to do.

Why? Because we like to help, it’s the least we can do!

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