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Is your to-do list longer than your want-to list?

When we begin working with a client, we often find that they have held off on calling us because they felt that allowing someone else to do any of their tasks would mean that they were not in control. That they weren’t doing “their job” within the household or that everything needed to have their “personal touch” in order to get done. The truth is that many things do need your personal touch…but not everything. We work with our clients to determine where they can delegate tasks to us so that they are actually free to focus on the areas in their lives where a personal touch is most important to them and most needed. We focus on building a relationship with our clients, sitting down to talk about how best to use our services for maximum results. And as the relationship grows and we get to know each other better, we can begin to anticipate needs, make suggestions, schedule and preplan for best results. And our clients can breathe a sigh of relief Tasks that get delegated to us need to be done. but these are also tasks that many of us are finding increasingly challenging to fit into our busy schedules. They might include: Grocery Shopping – wouldn’t it be nice to come home groceries are done also put away Bulk Shopping - Heading into a big box store to restock your pantry or load up on essentials such as toilet paper and paper towel can be overwhelming. This can be done and everything you need is delivered right to your front door. Miscellaneous Errands – These are the daily tasks that take up so much time. There is no such thing as a “quick” run to pick up a prescription, drop off the dry cleaning or to complete an exchange for clothing you ordered online. Everything takes time and when you’re returning from a busy day at work, have a hockey practice to take your kid to and also homework to complete it pushes “errands” farther down your “To Do” list. Before you know it, your weekend is devoted to doing everything you didn’t do through the week! Car Servicing – YES, we’ll take your car for an oil change, a minor tune-up or to get that cracked windshield you’ve been squinting through replaced. What a game changer. No more trying to arrange a ride from the dealership or dropping off your car late at night or getting an Uber to work. We can schedule the appointment, take your vehicle and wait while the work is done and maybe even it bring it back clean after a trip through the car wash! Special Events Services – From three year olds to thirtieth anniversary celebrations, let’s face it, planning a special birthday, picking up a gift, ordering the cake or arranging loot bags for little ones, these are a myriad of little tasks that all take up a lot of time. We can shop, pick up and deliver, even prepare the invitations and do the decorating too. The list of tasks and to-do’s goes on and on in Household Management Services, in fact it never ends. thE Concierge exists because of busy families and busy professionals! Managing a home and a career AND family is a lot of work and no one should have to do it alone. Successful people have support, they delegate, they ask for help, they outsource what they don’t have time to do, don’t know how to do or just plain don’t want to.. Our services allow clients more time and headspace to focus on their family, career, and the things they truly love Contact us at 416-434-1717 and we can help you!

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