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It’s Fall and Fall Means Maintenance.

Traditionally, if we were to go back as little as 150 years ago, fall would find us planning for the long, cold winter months ahead. Farm families would be putting up preserves, planning for the safe storage of their root vegetables and doing general maintenance around the homestead to get it ready for winter. The truth is, not much has changed and fall is in fact still a perfect time to plan for some chores around the house as we prepare to hunker during the cooler weather. We may not be making quite as much jam or sauce as hundreds of years ago but we do still need to get things done around the home. Here’s how thE Concierge can help. Do a “Walkabout.” We’re not talking about heading for the wilderness Australian style but rather, a walk around your home and property to assess what needs to be done and in what priority. Some things will clearly be more important than others! Consider these tips for prioritizing:

  • Gutter cleaning. The leaves are about to fall and if your gutters are still full from last year, you are putting your gutters at risk as well as any areas below them that typically serve as a catch basin for gutter overflow. Snow, ice and rain are all the enemy of the eavestrough which can end up damaged. The area below can get moisture laden and if freezing happens there could be impacts like cracks in the concrete. It’s worth a climb up the ladder for a little look around in September when the weather is still seasonable.

  • Roof Inspection. While you are up cleaning out the gutters, consider a look around that part of the roof that is easily accessible to you (without putting yourself at risk!) and assess loose shingles or other opportunities for water leaks. Winter is hard on a roof and having a roof replaced is challenging when you need to plan around snowstorms. Again – fall is better so if a new roof is in your future, better now than later.

  • Fencing and Decking. Many people consider either the fall or spring an ideal time to refresh the deck and/or fence with waterproofing. Having this work done now is great if there are seasonably warm days, otherwise dry times could be problematic. With a little preplanning however you should have time to get the work done and with someone like thE Concierge helping to plan your tasks or do other errands for you while you work around the home, there’s no excuse! We also suggest you take a good, long look at the fenceposts, your decking and identify any structural issue (unless of course it’s all brand new) and determine whether or not it will make it through another winter. Snow and ice is heavy and build up, especially on raised decking, could cause sagging or even collapse if your deck is near the end of its life. Get a jump on the spring rush to repair or replace and prepare for replacement now. After all, who know what the spring will bring!

Still thinking about the outside, but adding an inside component let’s talk

  • Windows and Screens. Cleaning the windows outside is often considered a spring project and from the inside a winter project. We beg to differ and suggest you do both now and while you are at it, think about taking the screens down for a good scrub and leaving them off for the winter. We know several families who have started doing this each winter (after all you don’t have to worry about bugs if you open the windows) and they share how much they love the unobstructed view on a cool, crisp evening and how much brighter the sunlight in winter appears to be without screens on the windows. If you’ve taken the time to do the window cleaning before the cold sets in – all the better!

  • Furnace and Air-Conditioner Servicing. This last tip just makes good sense. With cooler weather coming you sure don’t want to find out in the middle of an ice storm that your furnace is on “the fritz.” Have someone in – or ask thE Concierge to help – to do a complete check up on the furnace and air conditioning systems at the same time. Change out the filters for cleaner air or if you are an oil furnace owner, book your service and fill now before the weather changes drastically. Like the pioneers before us, being prepared and planning ahead is so much better than the alternative. Do you really want to have to move in with your mother-in-law for a week in winter?!!

Did we mention one of the many services thE Concierge offers is waiting for service people so you don’t have to? We can book the appointment, let the repair persons in, monitor the work and close up when they leave – all while you work!

  • Duct Cleaning. Since we are already talking about furnaces and venting, maybe it’s time you think about having your “ducks cleaned!” No seriously, it is a thing and whether you use the people that call you every evening around dinner time, or shop and source someone local (which is the kind of thing thE Concierge can do for you) getting your ducts cleaned is a good thing to do, especially as we head into that time of year when we will be spending so much time indoors. If you suffer from allergies or have respiratory issues this is a particularly good idea.

It’s not too late to get started on your fall maintenance planning. Planning is also what we do well at thE Concierge so if you need a little extra help – with the planning, or the doing, consider giving thE Concierge a call. We have plans for service to fit every budget and one of the reasons for our existence is to help you get done the tasks you might least like to do. Fall is here and we can help. We might not be storing turnips, onions and potatoes in your cold cellar, or making jam, but we can help with your fall maintenance chores. Call and ask us how! *Stay tuned for our next blog on indoor fall maintenance.

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