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“It’s Travel Time! It’s been awhile – let thE Concierge plan your next vacation!

If you live in the Province of Ontario, you are slowly emerging from a cocoon. Here’s hoping

your personal cocoon was a place that kept you and your loved ones safe, nurtured and distanced from the world during the Covid-19 pandemic. But now, NOW it’s time for you to emerge like the beautiful butterfly you are and take flight! Each day, more and more restrictions are being lifted and there’s no reason not to start thinking about travelling.

Our focus this month is on getting away and how thE Concierge can help you do that – with ease!

Let’s face it – It’s been awhile since anyone travelled anywhere, even around the Province. Your planning skills might be a little rusty. Organizational skills too. While everybody loves a vacation, who hasn’t run into a busy professional who claims they have no time to plan one or the returning holiday-maker who shouts “I need a vacation from my vacation!”

That’s because planning for downtime really IS a lot of work

and that’s where we come in.

At thE Concierge we take all the work out of planning for a holiday from work AND for when you come home too.

As well, we can even look after your place while you’re gone but more about that in our second blog this month publishing on the 20th of July – stay tuned!

What can we do for you now? Read On:

Planning for a Vacay?

Email and let thE Concierge take the work away!

  • We’ll act as your virtual assistant with bookings for flights, hotels, Air BnB’s and research the best options to suit your family, your budget and your lifestyle.

  • Taking the family pet along? We’ll incorporate pet-friendly options.

  • Leaving Fido at home? We’ll source, book the perfect location for your treasured fur baby and even check up on Fido’s well-being while you are away.

  • We can arrange transportation to and from the airport at home and away and book rentals for while you are on the road.

  • We’ll notify service providers, stop your newspaper and reschedule any appointments for when you are back in town.

  • We’ll keep abreast of any changing government regulations concerning travel and how they might impact your schedule and of course, we can arrange insurance to plan for the unexpected.

  • In short, we can make your dream holiday happen – finally – without you having to do anything more than simply dream about it!

Want a Vacay but just don’t know how to make it happen?

  • There are plenty of other ways thE Concierge can act as your personal valet to free up time to enable you and your family to get away. If you’re bogged down by work, busy schedules, and all the other mundane details of life, you might need the services of someone like us who can help alleviate your workload thus freeing up some family time.

  • Busy professionals can use our services to catch up on:

    • Organizing offices (at your home or at your place of work) including putting new filing systems in place or simply getting all of your filing and paperwork back in order. Yes – even dreaded tax receipts and planning for next year too!

    • Use us to help you out around the home too. Executives need a helping hand at work, why not a helping hand at home? A trusted executive assistant whom you can call on to get things done so you can focus on more important tasks. The more time you are able to free up by having someone else grocery shop, declutter at home, wait for service professionals so you don’t have to means the more time you will have in general – whether that’s for a vacation or simply more time each day devoted to family instead of running errands. Here’s a great example, if you have a swimming pool and no time to swim in it – you need our help!

More announcements were made just yesterday about how Ontarians and/or those who want to visit Ontario, can travel safely. We have experienced one of the longest lockdowns of any nation around the world.

It’s time now to get out there and explore.

Take flight, just like the beautiful butterflies that emerge from their chrysalis ready to soar!

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