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New Year, Old Clutter?

The New Year always brings excitement , a sense of starting anew, a renewed energy, a need to improve, make life easier, bring order, usually starting with decluttering some aspect of life!

By definition: "DECLUTTER"

"to simplify or get rid of mess, disorder, complications"

But how do you start? Start with some to-do's

Your list of “To Do’s” Includes:

  • PLAN, plan, plan! Take a good, hard look around your house with a pen and paper in hand. What bothers you? Is there too much clutter? Is it the linen closet that’s driving you crazy or the basement that is a disaster? If it’s all three, your next step is to…..

  • PRIORITIZE! Deal with the items in your home in order of what will bring you the most joy immediately. Quick wins will encourage you to keep going and have an immediate impact on your psyche. Research tells us that stress increases cortisol and that clutter causes stress. We spend time looking for items, we waste time cleaning around excess household items and this (again according to research) leads to irritability and even things like being late for work or school! Decluttering your home simplifies your life.

  • Have Patience! Take just one step at a time. One project is doable, three projects at the same time is not! You have the entire year ahead of you. It’s unreasonable to expect your organization project to be done in one weekend when it’s often taken you a lifetime to accumulate belongings. Be gentle with yourself and be patient!

  • Start! You STILL don’t need those storage boxes. Start with some basic cardboard boxes you can source from just about anywhere, for free, and then start the process. Your boxes should be labelled simply; Keep, Donate and Trash. If you need extra time or have difficulty making decisions, consider a fourth box labelled “maybe,” for those items you’re just not sure you’re ready to part with. Let’s assume you started with your closet. Once your boxes are full, then you can set about the process of actually organizing your available space, hanging clothes, folding sweaters and returning items to your shelves. Now you can do a re-assessment and make decisions about whether you even need storage boxes and if so, how many.

Once you’ve completed one project, you’ll be motivated to move on to

the next knowing how good it makes you feel.

If it all seems a little overwhelming however, that’s where we come in.

At thE Concierge, we take both the planning AND the doing off your hands.

We’re the experts at task completion whether the task is de-cluttering,

grocery shopping, helping your small business to sort, file and

archive important papers or simply running errands that you don’t want to do

Whatever your family or business needs in 2023, thE Concierge

is your personal partner committed to your success!

Book a "Declutter Package" with thE Concierge today,

We will take it all away for you! .. We handle all the drops offs!

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