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Sayonara Summer – And Hello Fall

Spring is a popular time to do a deep clean and make space for summer fun. But fall cleaning is also important because it helps us prepare for what’s coming – winter. This means thinking many months ahead so that you can stay on top of what has to be done before it gets too cold. Now is the perfect time to do some fall maintenance not only on your property but also your car, and get things organized inside the home.

Not sure where to start? Here’s a Fall Cleaning Checklist to help you identify what needs to be done this year, and what can potentially wait until spring. Fall Cleaning Checklist: 10 Tasks to Tackle This Autumn

  1. Give windows and a good wash so they won’t look dusty and streaky

  2. Clean your eavestroughs so that when snow falls or ice freezes, they aren’t blocked up which can cause water to drip all over your steps and driveway

  3. Get your car detailed including cleaning out whatever may have fallen under your seats during those summer road trips or sand from beach days

  4. Clean up your garden by pruning bushes, pulling out dead leaves or plants, or planting bulbs for the spring

  5. Paint touch ups help make your home look cleaner and newer both inside and out, whether it’s a kitchen cupboard or a wall that’s taken a lot of scuffs and dings

  6. Do repairs on stairs, decks and fences before the weather gets too cold and the ground gets too hard

  7. Change filters in your furnace before we switch on the heat, and remove build up of dust and lint from vents around your home

  8. Put away summer stuff like folding chairs, beach toys and coolers to make space in your garage for skis, snowboards and sleds

  9. Pack away summer clothes and give last year’s winter wardrobe a wash if they smell musty or dusty

  10. Prep your storage areas if you plan to put away bulky items like patio furniture

And if you’re REALLY ready to think ahead, ..... you can also spend a little time finding your seasonal decorations for both Halloween and Christmas, checking that lights still work, and getting rid of things you no longer need. Need help getting this checklist checked off? Outsource these tasks to thE Concierge

so you can focus on the fun things instead of the hard work! We can also help you find the right people to get jobs done, like fall garden maintenance or painting, as well as closing up the cottage for winter. Give us a call to find out how thE Concierge can work for you.

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