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The Science of Delegating!

It’s hard to always be the ‘Captain of the Ship’ – the person behind the wheel steering things in the right direction and carrying all of the risk and responsibility every step of the way. Life is a juggling act of a thousand decisions, both personally and professionally. A lot of people can’t imagine leaving these decisions or tasks to other people because they don't want to lose control, mostly because they are afraid that no one out there could possibly do the job as well as you can do it. As a result, you try to do everything by yourself. But this is a huge burden to carry. It is simply impossible to do it all, and trying to manage and control everything all the time by yourself means that every task rests squarely on your shoulders. This can lead to something called Decision Fatigue, where you become flustered, exhausted, overwhelmed and resentful, which ultimately leads to you making poor choices. Why You Should Delegate Delegating tasks means empowering someone else to do it for you the right way so you can achieve a better balance in your life. There are many benefits to delegating either daily life tasks or professional tasks. Delegating lets you conserve your brain power and energy for more important things. By effectively delegating and limiting unnecessary decisions you can focus on the bigger picture and improve your own mental health too. When you free yourself from certain burdens you give yourself more time to do what you really want or need to do. How To Effectively Delegate Delegating is typically a four-step process:

  1. First, you need to choose the right person who you can trust, and who will listen to your needs and get things done how you need them to be done.

  2. Next, you need to give clear and concise instructions about what you expect, what time frame it needs to be achieved in, and what is the end goal.

  3. During the process, you need to effectively communicate and follow up, because it takes people a bit of time to learn and understand exactly what you want and how you want it done.

  4. Finally, when the task is done, you should recognize what the person has successfully accomplished for you, and reward their outcome so that they receive positive feedback, understand your processes, and feel motivated to keep working hard.

Why You Should Delegate This Summer Hiring a personal concierge is a great way to identify what tasks you can effectively delegate, especially as we head into summer and life becomes busy quickly. Let thE Concierge remove those unnecessary burdens from your daily life and lighten the load. We offer both Personal and Corporate Concierge Services. In your personal life, it can be tasks like everyday errands, event planning, organizing, opening up the cottage, stocking pantries and more. In your professional life, let thE Concierge organize meetings, give office support, make reservations, source employee or customer gifts, and plan travel arrangements. Successful delegating doesn’t mean you give up control of the steering wheel. It means you hire the right people to help you keep your ship on track so you have more time for all of the other things in your life. Contact us today at 416-434-1717 to discuss how thE Concierge can take that burden off of your shoulders and lighten the load!

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