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The Value of Time

No doubt, at some point you’ve heard various expressions tied to the value of time.

Things like “time is money,” or it’s opposite, “you can’t put a dollar value on time.”

Still another common refrain is this one, “time is precious.”

Each speaks to our concept of time as a valuable commodity

and I’m sure you’ll agree that indeed it is.

What is the value of time to you?

Most people will probably answer that question by referencing the importance of spending time with family vs. spending more time at the office. Whether you are a small business owner or working with a large corporation will also directly influence your answer because for many entrepreneurs, the time spent working towards our own success is more valuable than if we were working toward the success of some nameless Director of Operations located in the far away company headquarters of Calgary, Alberta.

No matter what your answer however, the solution to helping you manage your time more effectively and efficiently is DELEGATING

Here’s why:

Delegate to relieve STRESS!

Delegating tasks you are not interested in doing frees up time for you to focus on what you DO love – whether that’s spending time with family, hiking or biking, or simply gardening and enjoying some quiet time with a good book. If you truly appreciate the value of your time – you’ll know that these are important to you and that running an errand to buy stamps or a last minute birthday card isn’t. Delegating will help relieve you of the STRESS of the day to day and ensure you find the VALUE in your time to do the things you love.

Delegate for Self-Care

With less stress also comes more time to focus on self-care. Throughout this pandemic, all of us, but perhaps particularly working parents and single parent families, have found time management challenging. With homeschooling and work commitments, combined with regular household management responsibilities, self-care often dropped to the bottom of the list and yet never has it been more important. You don’t have to make excuses to us – thE Concierge fully understands the value of time and the importance of looking after yourself. After all, it’s why we exist. Again delegating comes to the rescue. Sometimes the value of money well spent comes from knowing YOUR answer to the value of YOUR time. Perhaps it means you are willing to spend a little bit more on delegating tasks to others (or engage the teens and/or family to help) so that you can spend some much needed time on your own needs.

Delegate to Focus on Your Business

Small business entrepreneurs are able to multi-task by nature. They have to. Not only are you a specialist in your particular field of expertise but no doubt you are making the sales calls, managing the inventory, doing some of the basic bookkeeping and collections too.

When it comes to small business, delegating and

thE Concierge can help you in either of two ways:

We provide office and administrative support for local small business owners who are looking for filing and organization, general office support, virtual research, seasonal support and more.


We provide support to busy entrepreneurs with getting day to day tasks done at home such as grocery shopping, gift buying, doing returns and exchanges, home watch & wait services.


For both personal and corporate clients we do EVENT PLANNING.

Contact us to learn more about how delegating can free up more time for you to focus on your growing business.

Delegate to Spend Time with those you LOVE

Here’s another expression you might be familiar with;

“No one ever said on their death-bed, Jeez I wish I’d spent more time at the office.” I hope it doesn’t take most of us till the end of our lives to figure out just how true this statement is.

By delegating your “To Do” list TODAY, you’re freeing up time to spend with those you love in a meaningful way. Family game nights, lounging by the pool, taking a little three day holiday – whatever it is that excites you, make sure you find the time to do it because it’s this enriched family time where the kind of memories are made that will truly last a lifetime.

So, we will ask the question again. What is the value of time to you?

If you believe, as we do, that time is precious, valuable and sometimes hard to come by, let us help you find more time in your day. Delegate to thE Concierge so you can spend your valuable time doing the things that are worthwhile to you, not doing tasks that take you away from who and what you love.

Ask us how – Call or email today!

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