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A Busy Business Needs Help In The Busiest Season!

If you’re a local small business owner who has made it through these difficult pandemic times, no doubt it was due in part to a combination of your heroic efforts to keep your business afloat and your dedicated customer base who rewarded your perseverance with loyalty! Now, here we are rapidly resuming some semblance of “normalcy,” and heading into a very busy holiday season for many.

It’s probably on your mind that you’d like to say “Thank You” to your many customers, supporters AND your employees but how?

When will you find the time? It is after all, the busiest season of the year.

If this sounds like you, thE Concierge can help with affordable, reliable and custom tailored support you can rely on.

After all, let’s not forget even Santa has helpers – all those Elves, plus his reindeer too!

Our Concierge services can be customized to meet the specific needs of your business and/or your customer base.

  • We offer gift sourcing, gift wrapping and even gift delivery.

  • We’ll address holiday cards, take care of postage and stand in line to ensure they’re mailed on time or, for local recipients, distributed for you personally.

  • If you have a storefront location in need of décor or an office that you’d like to spruce up with a tree and some decorations, we can “make the holiday magic happen” for you with our “put up and take down” décor services.

It couldn’t be easier AND if you also wanted to consider renting your décor items to avoid the hassle and expense of purchasing and storage we’ve partnered with Michaela Donato of Donato Décor & Design. Michaela offers rental packages of beautiful décor items that will enliven any space be it home or office. Ask us for more details and we can discuss how this might be the right option for your business.

Also available now, through December 15th of this year, is our Special Holiday Cheer Package, allowing you to book three hours of dedicated concierge time to devote to your specific holiday needs. These packages can be used before the holidays, or anytime UP to and INCLUDING January 15th of 2022. That means you can book us to do all your holiday party planning, to purchase employee thank you gifts, wrap and distribute them OR to come and clean up after the holidays by taking down your tree and décor and helping to get your business organized for the New Year.

Called our Holiday Cheer Package we encourage you to contact thE Concierge today to discuss how we can help lighten your load this holiday season.

Let us be the Elves to your Santa,

and a reliable delivery service in place of Santa’s reindeer.

We know Rudolph’s nose is bright but headlights are better and we won’t wait until Christmas Eve to get all of your gifts and parcels delivered!

*PS – You might even want to offer a few hours of thE Concierge time AS YOUR GIFT to your clients, customers or hardworking employees!

After all, they’re pretty busy too! Give them the gift of time, Concierge time!

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