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Back to School! Coming Soon!

We hate to say it, but the new school year is just around the corner, and soon it will be time to get back into the routine of early mornings and lunch kits and drop offs.

But getting ready for back to school takes preparation, so don’t leave it for the last minute!

There’s a long list of things kids need:

  • backpacks,

  • lunch kits,

  • indoor shoes,

  • outdoor shoes,

  • socks that don’t have holes in them,

  • pencil cases (and things to go inside),

  • rain coats,

  • autumn clothing

  • and – yes, it’s coming faster than you think – winter clothing. Nothing fits anymore, right? Big growth spurt over the summer? Everyone knows that means snow pants and new Bogs are coming soon.

If you’re feeling stressed out by the many tasks that lay ahead of you, now’s a great time to offload some of your daily errands and burdens so you can spend time with your kids getting them ready for the new school year, and make the most of your last few weeks of summer freedom.

Let thE Concierge take on the tasks of meal prep, tidying up, bagging up and donating old clothes, and running your daily errands so you can focus on what’s important:

getting the little ones ready for school.

We can also do Costco runs to stock up on lunch kit essentials as well as anything else your kids might need, like binders, markers, notebooks and stationary.

It takes a lot of time (and energy and patience!) to drag your kids through shops to try on clothing,

figure out what they need, find things they like, and get everything on your list.

Let us handle the other stuff so you have the time and mental energy to get them ready for a new school year.

Contact thE Concierge to find out how we can help you,

so that you can help them!

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