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Holiday Cheers & Warm Hearts!

You are a busy person. A business owner, you are working full or part time, maybe you volunteer in the community or you’re a parent juggling both housework, schoolwork and work, work and more work! Suddenly, here come the holidays and you’re looking forward to the break you have planned!!

If you’re thinking of giving yourself the gift of time over the holiday season there’s no better TIME than now to invest in yourself and your peace of mind. We would bet money on it that a busy working person would much rather use a gift AFTER Christmas.

What are we talking about?

thE Concierge services can be helpful long after the start of the New Year!

Here’s how:

Carry the Cheer Into The New Year……

  • Consider purchasing hours of dedicated Concierge time, devoted to whatever it is you’d most like us to do! Someone to take the everyday weekly errands and to-do's off your list!

  • Going away after the holidays? Plan for thE Concierge to come to your home or business and take down, pack and store all your holiday decorations. No one likes taking down the Christmas tree – let us do it for you!

  • Need someone to come water the plants, ensure the heat is on (so pipes don’t burst) or wait for a service person to come and fix the cable? We do these things too. We pick up mail, clear away the newspapers, ensuring your home looks lived in, even while you are gone.

  • Perhaps you are thinking of some larger projects like decluttering, getting organized for the New Year. Our affordable services can provide to help lighten the load for busy homeowners.

You may have heard this expression before “I need a vacation from my vacation.” When you travel, leave with confidence, knowing thE Concierge is taking care of cleaning things up at home and then you won’t need that second vacation! You’ll be returning to a clean home, with no signs of the holidays having ever taken place and no tree needles tracking across your floors! Heck, for most people, just getting rid of the tree and sweeping up the mess is probably worth the cost of our services!

If you are interested in learning more about why and how concierge services can help you post holidays and all year long, contact thE Concierge today!

To all of our treasured friends, family, customers and clients –

we wish you a joyous holiday season and a Happy New Year!

With a warm heart!… thE Concierge

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