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Household Management Services, Part Two

preamble: If you missed our first blog in April you may want to take a quick peek at it before reading part two! This is not necessarily because they MUST be read together, but rather – you might thing we are missing something in THIS one, when it comes to listing everything there is to do with managing a household effectively and efficiently. If you don’t see it listed here, remember to look back at blog one.

Now, after all of this preamble, let’s get on with talking about the ten thousand things (it sure feels like that many) that have t

o be done each day, each week, each month and each year, along with a little discussion about how the team at thE Concierge can help!

No doubt as we rapidly approach the end of April you are in “crunch” time when it comes to your taxes. Perhaps you are even using this exact moment as a “time out,” a chance to read this blog and to do some internet surfing as a break from all those numbers. We understand. That’s why we wrote a blog in March about managing tax time (and we can still help there too) but now that you’re here, if you’ve been putting off other household tasks in order to complete your taxes – we can still help. Here’s a brief list of how:

Meal planning and meal prep.

This might include anything from creating menus, shopping for the ingredients to preparing all the ingredients (chopping veggies, preparing fruit, meal portion prep and more) all for your finishing touch or cooking meals for you to freeze, thaw and serve. If you have a special family celebration coming up, a holiday you’d like to celebrate or you are on school snack duty, we can do it all.

Managing Work Expectations, Corporate or Small Business Functions or Celebrations.

Sure this blog is about household management but if you are a small business owner, working FT with managerial responsibilities or in charge of corporate functions – all while trying to balance work and family,

thE Concierge serves business clients too.

After all, helping around work will automatically translate to more time at home!

That said, here’s what we can do for your business:

We’ll research, plan and prepare for any upcoming functions from celebrating a special work anniversary, a “Ten Years in Business Celebration” or your annual golf tournament.

We’ll locate and book a venue, arrange for invitations to be printed (or handwrite them for that personal touch) and shop for décor, gifts and employee recognition honours.

Whatever you have in mind, our team can accomplish it!

Vets and Pets

Our beloved fur babies are an important part of the family

but it’s just one more thing “to do” on your list and let’s be truthful, in terms of priority, Rover or Pebbles might get pushed to the bottom.

If you need assistance we can book appointments, take care of trips to the groomer or vet, or arrange for simple pick ups – of things like flea and tick medications, prescriptions, that extra large bag of speciality dog food or even extra training supplies if you have a new pet in the house. We can also research and arrange for pet care/pet sitting services too.

Home Sitting, Home Repairs and Home Deliveries

Taking a well-deserved vacation from all of your household management duties just got a whole lot easier knowing you can leave with the confidence of knowing your home is being well cared for, and protected.

  • We offer home care that includes “wellness” checks on your property ensuring your roof wasn’t damaged in that recent windstorm or that pipes didn’t burst during the spring freeze and thaw cycle.

  • We’ll collect mail, ensure the lights are on and that your property isn’t cluttered with garbage or newspapers that might suggest no one is home.

  • We’ll even work together with you to research repair options for your broken washing machine and schedule the work to be completed while we wait at your home so you don’t have to. After all, we all know those “windows” of arrival times for repair or installation technicians are never accurate!

At thE Concierge we can even schedule and wait for delivery of your beautiful new living room furniture if you need us too!

Downsizing and Organizing /

Moving, Packing and Unpacking

If your household management is about to change significantly with a move on the horizon, you’ll want to engage our services to help with all the heavy lifting. We specialize in helping to declutter, take trips to the donation centre, dispose of trash and either prepare your home for sale or organize your new one.

We can help pack your items for the move and unpack and organize them when you arrive at your destination – helping you feel comfortable and settled sooner.

In short, thE Concierge is your “Go To” expert at handling all the details of

household management and when you are done with the house –

we can even help make your travel plans too!

We exist because of busy families like yours.

Managing a home and a career AND family is a lot of work

and no one should have to do it alone.

We’re still offering our “Spring Sweet Home special

with three hours of concierge time at a very affordable price.

Talk to us at

about how we can help you manage your household

(or Corporate) tasks and make your life easier!

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